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πŸ‘‹ Welcome to BlindBox!

Deploy and isolate software to preserve your users' data privacy!

⬛ What is BlindBox?

BlindBox is a privacy deployment solution for SaaS applications which preserves the data confidentiality of end users, even from the software provider. To guarantee that privacy, we deploy those applications with hardware based, highly-isolated environments, a technology often referred to as confidential computing.

πŸ—οΈ Key features:

  • A CLI tool to deploy application images within BlindBox. We currently support Docker and we are working on other formats, like Kubernetes.

  • Applications are deployed within Confidential VMs, a type of confidential computing environment, which support additional security verifications.

  • An isolation layer to define custom security policies for the application inside the enclave. This will include selecting who can query the service running in the BlindBox and the range of networking access allowed within.

You can check out the project code on our GitHub.


BlindBox is still under development. Do not use in production!

πŸš€ Getting started

πŸ™‹ Getting help

❓ Why trust us?

  • Our core security features are open source. We believe that transparency is the best way to ensure security and you can inspect the code yourself on our GitHub page.

  • Our historical project BlindAI was successfully audited by Quarkslab. Although both projects differ (BlindAI was meant for the confidential deployment of ONNX models inside Intel SGX enclaves), we want to highlight that we are serious about our security standards and know how to code secure remote attestation.

πŸ”’ Who made BlindBox?

BlindBox was developed by Mithril Security. Mithril Security is a startup focused on AI privacy solutions based on Confidential Computing technology. We provide several open-source tools for querying and deploying AI solutions while guaranteeing data privacy.